About Us - PixQuanta

The light sensor industry is changing. There is a growing gap between the industry demands in terms of performance, cost and scalability on the one hand, and currently available solutions on the other.

PixQuanta was founded to bridge this gap by developing a revolutionary light sensing technology compatible with the standard materials, tools and processing already available in the manufacturing industry.

Located in Cork City at the south-most point of Ireland, PixQuanta is at the heart of a thriving technology ecosystem of university, small start-ups and international corporates. With an international airport just minutes away, PixQuanta has acess to global locations everywhere.


Kevin O’Neill (CEO/Director): Kevin is a seasoned technologist in silicon and back panel technologies. His experience includes senior technologist positions at SensL and Polymer Vision. He holds degrees in Physics with specialization in Semiconductors from the University of Oxford (BA., 1996), Imperial College (MSc. 1997) and Cornell University (PhD 2003). While a visiting scientist at TUDelft he won fellowships from the Marie Curie foundation and the prestigious ‘Veni’ from the Dutch Science Council (NWO). Kevin holds over 10 patents and has published over 20 articles achieving a h-index of 11.


Joe O’Keeffe (Director): Joe is a serial entrepreneur. He was founder / CEO of InfiniLED, an innovator of uLED display technology (acquired by Facebook in 2016), founder / CEO of SensL, an innovator of SiPM sensor technology for LiDAR and PET scanning (acquired by OnSemi in 2017) and founder / CEO of EnBIO, an innovator of metal coating technology for space and medical applications – among others. Until recently Joe led the Meta AR/VR display and optics division.


Karl McGoldrick (Director): Karl has 37 years of international business experience in high tech ventures, spanning Europe, Asia and the USA. This includes 15 years in the semiconductor industry, with the rest dedicated to bringing disruptive technologies from concept phase to market scaling. These include the first integrated cameras in mobile phones as well as flexible electronics and flexible displays. He has helped start or co-found 14 companies, involving subsidiaries, spin-outs, M&A & fresh start-ups, raising investment of over €85million to fund these ventures.


Saskia O’Neill (Administrative Assistant): Saskia has more than 30 years of work experience in commercial and educational settings across Ireland, The Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, England, Italy, and Spain. She holds an MA (Scandinavian languages & culture), a Cambridge English Language Teaching Certificate, and an MSc (Education Sciences). Saskia has worked as an employee, a volunteer and as a self-employed person.


Edoardo Charbon (Technical Advisor): Edoardo received the Diploma from ETH Zürich, the M.S. from the University of California at San Diego, and the Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in 1988, 1991, and 1995, respectively, all in electrical engineering and EECS. Edoardo Charbon has consulted with numerous organizations. Dr. Charbon is a distinguished visiting scholar of the W. M. Keck Institute for Space at Caltech, a fellow of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience Delft, a distinguished lecturer of the IEEE Photonics Society, and a fellow of the IEEE.


Eoin O’Reilly (Technical Advisor): Eoin holds the BA (MOD) degree in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College, Dublin, and a PhD in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Cambridge. He has held academic appointments at the University of Surrey in 1984 to 2001, and at the Tyndall National Institute from 2001, and at the Department of Physics in University College Cork since 2007. His list of over 300 publications includes 10 book chapters, 9 invited reviews, an undergraduate textbook and general science articles.


Prof. Pierre Berini (Technical Advisor): Pierre Berini received his Ph.D. and M.Sc.A. degrees in Electrical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal, and his B.E.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, respectively, from the University of Western Ontario. Prof. Berini is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Ottawa. His broad research interests include optics and photonics, electromagnetics, numerical methods, and the microfabrication of integrated optical structures. His research is currently focused on the area of plasmonics and related device applications including biosensors.


Dr. Koen J. Nieuwesteeg (Technical Advisor) brings more than 40 years of academic and industrial R&D to the table. He holds a Master degree in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics and a PhD in atomic collision physics from Utrecht State University. From 1988 on he was involved in industrial R&D for amorphous semiconductor materials and devices at Philips Research in Eindhoven. During the late 1990’s he headed the development department of the Philips AM-LCD and sensor business unit in Eindhoven. Koen furthermore has extensive experience in R&D management for electronics, mechanics, software engineering applications as well as highly complex system integration.