Automotive LiDAR

Our mission at PixQuanta LiDAR is to provide the auto industry with the safest possible pure solid-state LiDAR solution in autonomous vehicles.
To do this we combine a proprietary high gain thin film photodiode, PixQDiode, compatible with standard CMOS circuitry. The PixQDiode has enhanced infra-red sensitivity while the CMOS circuit provides a highly accurate in-pixel timing circuit.
This combination enhances a CMOS Image Sensor (2D) to create a unique CMOS ranging sensor (3D) – resulting in the most powerful all-round LiDAR solution possible.

Medical X-Ray

PixQuanta’s PixQDiode technology can be used in indirect X-ray imaging backplane panels. The high sensitivity of the photodiode means that CMOS-level X-ray performance can be achieved at the low cost of glass panel processing. The result is a solution that reduces the exposed dose to the patient to the lowest possible physical limit of X-ray imaging.

Consumer 3D

Deploying PixQuanta’s photodiode solution is the key to low-power/always on 3D camera for face-recognition and augmented reality applications. PixQuanta’s approach turns a conventional CMOS image-sensor into a low power, high resolution 3D camera. This is achieved by applying PixQuanta’s proprietary photodiode layer on top of a silicon CMOS read-out array.